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27 – 29 January 2023

Dear friends,

Devil wears tango shoes… And tanguer@s have angel wings…

You don’t have to choose between an angel or a devil… just enjoy the party, friends, angels, devils, their city and the dance ;)

Devil side of BTP 2023Angel side of BTP 2023
Hell YES! Amazing DJsGO GREEN (less plastic use, split of trash, no flyers)
All wooden-dance-floor to burn your feet off (kinda hell effect :) )KID – Friendly with a kids-corner
38 hours of dancing and lots of sleeping in betweenInclusive and dancing-role balanced
Did we say kid-friendly :D ?Enough time to discover the city and get a good rest for dancing more.

Registration starts on 11.11.22 @ 11:22 (local Bratislava time)

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