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BTP2020 is postponedAngels vs Devils

BTP2020 is postponed!

Dear friends, would like to inform you that due to known circumstances in connection with COVID-19, we have to postpone this BTP edition to 2021, unfortunately.

This was a really hard decision for us and we were really looking forward to meeting you all this year.

We have preferred to postpone BTP to 2021 due to the fact that:

  • It’s really difficult to foresee the status in the upcoming months. And we are not sure when will Slovak authorities allow gatherings of bigger groups of people.
  • We do not want to select a date in 2020, if we still may run the risk to postpone it again and cause changes to everyone’s travel plans. Moreover, organizing such big events like BTP needs big effort and is connected with risks.

TangoVida is a non-profit organization dedicated to spread tango love and it is trying its best to pull through in order to support local tango scene and connect it with dancers worldwide. At this point, cancelling all our local activities and BTP is difficult for the financial stability of TangoVida. That is why we will be very grateful and appreciative if you have an option to support TangoVida with a donation.

All the participants who have paid the fee have got an email regarding the donation and refund options. You may partially or fully donate your participation fee to TangoVida to help us to pull through during these hard days, or you may claim your refund. Please check your inbox and reply us with the option that fits you the most. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

If you did not register for BTP but still have a wish to support TangoVida with your donation, please use the IBAN numbers below and mention the comment “Support TangoVida” during the bank transfer:

IBAN: SK75 8330 0000 0020 0057 2139.


We have decided that 2021 edition will be Angels and Devils, and no more Angels vs. Devils. We are sure all angels and devils will walk hand in hand in the future, for a better and more beautiful world and we will be dancing together again all around the world.

Stay safe, healthy and happy.


BTP Team


Dates for “Angels vs Devils” edition: 12-14 June 2020

REGISTRATION: 20.02.2020 @20:20

Devil wears tango shoes… And tanguer@s have angel wings…

You don’t have to choose between an angel or a devil… just enjoy the party, friends, angels, devils their city and the dance ;)

And to fulfil the angel part, this BTP edition will go GREEN. We have only one planet and we want to do our small part to preserve it. Therefore – less plastic, more environmentally friendly behavior :)

We remain the kid-friendly marathon of last year and enjoying being angels of the little ones <3

And what about the devil side? You can reveal it on the dance-floor :D

Have you ever danced in Bratislava, Slovakia? If yes, you know (!) what is coming and if not, pls Join the tango marathon in the capital of party – Partyslava :) This year we will celebrate our 6th edition.

6th International Bratislava Tango Party is welcoming you between 12 – 14 June 2020. (don’t forget to book 1 day earlier and later for more fun with pre/after parties)

Contribution to all marathon is only 90 EUR/pp.

Be our guests and enjoy the party!

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