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Bratislava is situated in the center of Europe with a very easy access from everywhere. Bratislava is located less than 1 hour drive from Vienna, 2 hours drive from Budapest, 3.5 hours drive from Prague and has good bus and train connections. Bratislava and Vienna are the closest capital cities of Europe! :). Slovakia is part of the Schengen Area, visitors from non-Schengen countries may need a visa to enter.


Fly to VIENNA or BRATISLAVA airports.. Vienna airport has a shuttle bus to Bratislava (60 mins only!)

You can fly to:

Bratislava (M. R. Štefánik) Airport – 40min/2€ with bus to Bratislava city center!

Vienna International Airport – only 1 hour/5€ with shuttle bus to Bratislava city center!

*The prices shown bellow are for RETURN tickets stated by companies on February 2018 for “travel light” package on optional days during the marathon. They are for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY. Please check the exact ones on the air companies’ websites.
Fly to Bratislava with low-cost! Fly to Vienna with low-cost & any major airlines!
Alghero with Ryanair – 85 € Amsterdam with KLM – 101 €
Athens with Ryanair – 56 € Ankara with UIA – 139 €
Barcelona with Ryanair – 75 € Antalya with Pegasus – 181 €
Brussels with Ryanair – 52 € Barcelona with Iberia – 137 €
Dublin with Ryanair – 91 € Berlin with Easyjet – 55 €
Kiev with Wizzair – 58 € Brussels with Brussels Airlines – 72 €
London with Ryanair – 63 € Cologne / Bonn with Eurowings – 107 €
Sofia with Wizzair – 32 € Copenhagen with Austrian – 164 €
Mallorca with Ryanair – 116 € Dusseldorf with Eurowings – 88 €
Manchester with Ryanair – 116 € Edinburgh with KLM 151 €
Milan with Ryanair – 52 € Frankfurt with KLM – 153 €
Moscow with Pobeda – 133 € Geneva with Austrian – 107 €
Nis with Ryanair – 34 € Hamburg with Eurowings – 112 €
Paris with Ryanair – 55 € Hanover with Eurowings – 121 €
Rome with Ryanair – 40 € Istanbul with Pegasus – 100 €
Skopje with Wizzair – 56 € Izmir with Pegasus&Sunexpress – 144 €
  Naples with Easyjet – 82 €
  Paris with Vueling Airlines – 120 €
  Stuttgart with Eurowings – 78 €
  Warsaw with LOT – 99 €

 Many international train connections! Please find the links below.




Bratislava -Vienna: 75 KM

Bratislava – Budapest: 208 KM

Bratislava – Prague: 341 KM

Bratislava – Krakow: 467 KM

Bratislava – Timisoara:  488 KM

Bratislava – Belgrade: 579 KM

For the bus options, please see the links below.


Don’t forget, that the inhabitants of Bratislava “have” 2 airports – we consider Vienna International Airport “our” airport and we have Airport Bratislava. Lucky people, aren’t we? Both airports operate numerous airlines from/to many countries. Therefore we recommend you to always compare these two options in order to book the most convenient flight :).

Airport Bratislava operates low costs airlines like Ryanair, Astra Airlines, but also Czech Airlines etc. From the Bratislava airport you can reach the city by taxi, we recommend to use the taxi-application (HOPINTAXI) or to call a taxi. Taxi rates are lower when you order the taxi by phone than when hailed in the street (Slovak anomaly :), sorry for that!).

(Some taxi companies in Bratislava: Taxi Bratislava +42102 16300, +421 907 930300; AAtaxiEuro +42102 16022, +421 907 807022, +421 903 807 022; Taxi4you +421 903 110 700, +421 915 587 122)


Vienna International Airport, which is about 45 km from Bratislava, connected by regular shuttle buses which go from Vienna airport  directly to Bratislava city and the journey takes only 40 – 50 minutes. The return ticket from and to Vienna airport costs 5-7 EUR with the company Blaguss, or 5-7 EUR with Slovak Lines.

We additionally recommend to search your flights via trying both, Vienna International Airport and Bratislava. You might find flights with e.g. Tarom and Air Serbia which are often surprisingly convenient.


If you live close enough, or prefer arriving by car, here you can find some information about the distance between Bratislava and some European (tango) cities:

The distance between and

* Cluj (Romania) 615 km

* Timisoara (Romania) 488 km

* Belgrade (Serbia) 579 km

* Skopje (Macedonia) 1012 km

* Vienna (Austria) 75 km

* Prague (Czech Republic) 341 km

* Budapest (Hungary) 208 km

* Zagreb (Croatia) 428 km

* Krakow (Poland) 467 km

On the Slovak motorway it is necessary to have a motorway toll sticker which can be bought at petrol stations.


There are international trains coming to Bratislava’s main railway station e.g. from Vienna (1 hour), Budapest (3 hours), and Prague (4-5 hours) several times a day. There are also direct connections to Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Zagreb.

The main railway station is a short distance from the centre. Trains from Vienna also arrive at Bratislava–Petržalka station, which is to the south of the city centre across the Danube River.

You can find more detailed information about the timetables here: (English language in the bottom right).


There is bus connection to many European cities, like Berlin, Brussels, Brno, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, London, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Geneva and others. You can find more information about the time tables and destinations here:

The destination is Bratislava, AS (Bratislava main bus station).


Slovakia is part of the Schengen Area, visitors from non-Schengen countries may need a visa to enter. Please check detailed information here:

Citizens of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia do not need a visa.

Citizens of Turkey need a valid Schengen visa or a green passport.