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Bratislava is situated in the center of Europe with a very easy access from everywhere. Bratislava is located less than 1 hour drive from Vienna, 2 hours drive from Budapest, 3.5 hours drive from Prague and has good bus and train connections. Bratislava and Vienna are the closest capital cities of Europe! :). Slovakia is part of the Schengen Area, visitors from non-Schengen countries may need a visa to enter.

Fly to VIENNA or BRATISLAVA airports.. Vienna airport has a shuttle bus to Bratislava (60 mins only!)

You can fly to:

Bratislava (M. R. Štefánik) Airport – 40min/app 2€ with bus to Bratislava city center!

Vienna International Airport – only 1 hour/app 10€ with shuttle bus to Bratislava city center!

*The prices shown bellow are for RETURN tickets stated by companies on November 2022 for “travel light” package on optional days during the marathon. They are for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY. Please check the exact ones on the air companies’ websites.

Fly to Bratislava with low-cost!Fly to Vienna with low-cost & any major airlines!


There are international trains coming to Bratislava’s main railway station e.g. from Vienna (1 hour), Budapest (3 hours), and Prague (4-5 hours) several times a day. There are also direct connections to Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Zagreb.

The main railway station is a short distance from the centre. Trains from Vienna also arrive at Bratislava–Petržalka station, which is to the south of the city centre across the Danube River.

You can find more detailed information about the timetables here: (English language in the bottom right).


There is bus connection to many European cities, like Berlin, Brussels, Brno, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, London, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Geneva and others. You can find more information about the time tables and destinations here:

The destination is Bratislava, AS (Bratislava main bus station).


Slovakia is part of the Schengen Area, visitors from non-Schengen countries may need a visa to enter. Please check detailed information here:

Citizens of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia do not need a visa.

Citizens of Turkey need a valid Schengen visa or a green passport.

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